Tunnel dryers

Tunnel dryers offer agri-processing SMEs the ability to dry significant volumes of product, efficiently, safely and to a high quality.  They naturally require some investment, but due to their scale can achieve good pay-back periods.  Furthermore, they can be linked with gasifiers, or potentially even biodigesters, so that some or even all of the energy required to fuel the dryers is generated using its own or nearby agri-waste streams, which can considerably improve the payback period.


Fruit drying
(2016 – present)

Fullwell Transform has developed a tunnel dryer capable of drying around 1MT of fresh fruit, which has initially been trialled with mango.

Nut drying
(2016 – 17)

Fullwell Transform has also developed a tunnel dryer capable of drying up to 1.2MT of nuts, which has been installed at a number of cashew processing facilities in Burkina Faso.