Composting forms a key part of good agricultural practices the world over.  It is food for the soil, helps keep pests at bay and enables farmers to increase their yields and incomes.  Compost is yet another product that can be consumed or sold to generate an income.


Using liquid effluent from biodigester & vermi-composting
(2013 – 14)

Fullwell Transform produced a high quality compost using the liquid effluent from the biodigester soluton it piloted in Burkina Faso for mango drying SMEs.

We then further enriched this into what is known as vermi-compost, which involved the addition of an appropriate quantity of worms and other processes.  Over a period of time the worms consume the compost and the resulting defecated waste further enhances the profile of the compost.

Both forms of compost were sent to a laboratory for testing and were shown to have more superior compositions compared to a widely used comparable fertiliser on the local market.  This was confirmed in real trials using maize and tomatoes.

Compost was provided to some of the related mango drying SME’s supplier farmers for domestic use creating a closed loop.