Farmer management systems

Keeping track of thousands or tens of thousands of primary producers

Assists achievement of Organic and Fairtrade international standards

If your business buys from more than a few hundred farmer-suppliers you will need systems to keep track of their data.  Internal Control System team-members need to be able to access up-to-date farmer-lists and keep track of all additions and changes to this list or to the status and activities of farmers.  For Organic and Fairtrade standards you need to be able to link every batch of product purchased from farmers back through a traceability process to the farmer who produced it.  Our systems greatly reduce the burden of these processes and allow it to be done in a flexible way that can add value to the business, rather than just being a burden to it.

Our systems include the ability to manage Organic and non-Organic product, Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade materials together in one system and carefully segregate and manage traceability for it all.

A critical feature of our systems is the robustness of their data-storage and data-sharing.  Some of our competitors use cloud-based data-storage.  This means that systems only work where there is network, and network is often not present in remote areas meaning that their systems cannot function.  Our systems store all data a staff-member needs on their device, allowing full use of the system anywhere whatever the state of the network.  Our systems are designed to work on relatively basic Windows-compatible laptops, PCs and tablet computers, meaning that users have great flexibility in how they manage and enter data.

Our systems have been “destruction tested” with decades of operation in Africa.  Low-level code has been written to minimize risks of data corruption and data loss.  We are proud of the extremely high levels of performance achieved by our systems in relation to data integrity.

Farmer Monitoring and Evaluation

Include data on farmers, their household, assets, incomes and engagement

Output data visually in graphic formats and through reporting tools

If you buy raw materials from thousands of farmers it is important to keep track of which groups or geographical areas are most productive.  Our systems allow detailed analysis and reporting to be developed and displayed in user-controlled dashboards.  If your project has goals such as numbers of farmers, measurable impacts such as increased farmer-incomes or livelihood improvements our systems can help with this monitoring process.

The systems are provided with full sets of reports and including listings, summaries, charts and “pivot tables”.  All reporting can be customized, adapted and developed by the user to meet there needs.

Enterprise data systems

Tracking product purchases and stock

Enables your business to have full supply-chain traceability

A software solution that allows staff to share data while managing validation and automating the generation of a wide range of management reporting and analysis.  Stock levels, purchase-orders, goods-in and goods receipt processes can all be digitized, streamlined and automated.  Functionality includes generation of paper or pdf and email reporting to confirmation orders and receipts.  Quality checks to ensure stock arriving meet standards at goods-in can also be built into the system.  The system includes visual interfaces for diarizing and scheduling deliveries.  If necessary data can be linked to systems such as Google Calendar or other external diary software systems.

Enterprise quality systems

Managing product quality and conformity

Guarantees product testing and compliance regimes are implemented effectively

Give staff clear digital systems for entry of data on quality testing for raw materials or finished batches of product.  The systems allow your business to track and monitor the performance of suppliers, and ensure that all records related to compliance are easily and immediately available.

If raw materials require specific laboratory analysis as part of their legal requirements, tests can be built into the system to ensure that all batches of products using these raw materials are appropriately tested.

Keep records of all tests on hand and link individual tests to individual batches of production allowing certificates of compliance to be generated with the minimum of fuss.

Factory production and process systems

Manage processing and transformation in your factory

Keep track of raw material and finished goods requirements and stocks

Time-table production of different batches of products in your factory to maximize the potential output.  Colour-code products that include alergins so that production of these products can be scheduled together to minimize factory down-time.

Generate “shopping lists” for whole batches of complex products to ensure that all raw materials are on-hand in the factory prior to production.  Generate “picking lists” including indications of the locations where each product is stored in the warehouse.

Keep track of the raw materials used in every production batch, enabling full traceability and product recall in the event of quality issues being identified.

If particular products require specialized expertise or equipment the system will keep track of this and inform floor-managers to make sure that they have the correct resources in place at the start of each production process.

Model your own data

Built in tools allow users to adapt and extend their own systems

Add your own custom reports, data-views, graphic dashboards

Extend your data entities as your business changes

No business is fixed, the data requirements of any business adapt and change over time.  Our systems allow users to customize systems and extend them so that the systems remain closely aligned with their needs.  Users can extend existing data-entities, or add entirely new ones.  All reports and dashboards can be extended and redefined by users.  These are technical processes, and require levels of skill, expertize and training.  If you wish to we can extend these systems for you, or we can find a third-party who can undertake the work.  However with some training our systems become a flexible work-environment that can grow and change with your business.

Manage wages and payroll

Systems for computation of tax, national insurance, expenses and allowances

Reduce the administrative burden of payroll management

Systems can be extended to provide technical solutions, the above example shows a business with more than 300 paid staff that uses our systems to automate generation of all wage and payroll data.  The business includes monthly, weekly and piece-rate staff, with each grade of staff receiving wage payments through a different set of computations based on salary, weekly or daily wage rates and piece-rates for different types of work.

The system also includes capacity to manage a range of non-taxable expenses and payment of special one-time bonuses with a separate tax regime.  Other software providers provide dedicated payroll solutions, but that means that your business has to adopt multiple software systems.  Extending our systems with added modules minimizes training and data-entry and allows a small number of staff to manage complex data effectively.