What we do

Fullwell Transform believes in the addition of as much value as possible where raw materials are produced, and further believes in this being done in a way that has as much social and environmental impact as possible.

These beliefs have shaped Tropical Wholefoods’, Fullwell Mill’s and now Fullwell Transform’s – see the Our history section – agricultural supply-chain development work over the last 25 years, including the areas of expertise it has provided to, and in some cases developed specifically for the purpose of supporting, agri-processing SMEs.

These areas of expertise are categorised into the 4 areas further below, alongside which appear some of the services we provide.

Our work has spanned Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean, and included working in, and in some cases doing business in, especially challenging contexts such as Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan.  Though with a natural focus on dried fruits and nuts, it has also spanned a wide variety of other agricultural supply chains including cocoa, coconut, coffee, honey, juice, mushrooms, oils, spices, tea, vanilla and vegetables.  Our work has also naturally focused on Organic, Fairtrade and other ethical supply chains, though we have also worked in conventional supply chains too.

The pages within each of these 4 areas talk about some of the related situations, challenges and barriers that SMEs typically face in developing contexts, and what interventions we have made or solutions we have developed or helped develop to date, to help deal with these.

If you think we might be able to help you or another organisation you know, or conversely if you think you might be able to help us, or indeed both, then please get in touch via our Engage with us page.

Business research, planning and development at SME & supply-chain levels

Services offered include:

  • Development of business plans with and for SMEs.
  • Business development advice and support.
  • Supply-chain research and development planning.
  • Liaison and communication with potential funders and investors.
  • Grant project design, application writing and implementation oversight & administration.

Develop database solutions

Database solutions can include:

  • Farmer management.
  • Farmer monitoring & evaluation.
  • Enterprise data.
  • Enterprise quality.
  • Factory production & process.
  • Ability to model your own data.

Improve quality and standards & develop new products

Services offered include:

  • Food processing and packing equipment advice.
  • Process improvement and efficiency.
  • Product improvement and shelf life extension.
  • Evaluation and development of food product safety and quality management systems to meet business requirements and / or ensure compliance with audited systems such as BRC / GFSI, HACCP, Organic and Fairtrade.
  • Supply chain evaluation for product quality and safety.
  • Development of training and audit packages to support quality management system development.
  • Technical market and value chain analysis.

Innovate and catalyse adoption of appropriate technologies & solutions at scale

Services offered include:

  • Audits, analyses, studies and evaluations at technology, agri-business, project and supply chain levels (e.g. to save energy, increase energy efficiency, derive value from waste streams and reduce carbon footprint).
  • Development of appropriate technologies and processes that respond to the needs of agri-businesses.
  • Dissemination of awareness and understanding of appropriate technologies amongst key actors to catalyse interest and adoption.
  • Training on manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance and repair of appropriate technologies.