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If you have had the time to have a good look through our website you will have gained a sense of the number and breadth of organisations we have collaborated and partnered with over the years – agri-processing SMEs and industry bodies, Organic & Fairtrade brands, multi-nationals, bi-lateral and multi-laterals, NGOs, universities and technical & research institutions, ministries and government institutions, social financiers and more.  The breadth and depth of our engagement with different actors is a reflection of our belief in synergy and our absolute drive for impact beyond an intervention.

We are a strong believer in the huge potential that strategic, synergistic partnerships and collaborations can deliver, and in fact there are countless examples of our work that are testament to this.  There are times when others can derive value and benefit from us, when we can derive value and benefit from others, and when both apply.

We have been working with SMEs and their supply-chains in developing and emerging contexts for 25 years, as well with some of the actors who have a responsibility or interest in helping them develop.  We feel we know what these SMEs and actors need or need to do to develop the agri-processing sector and related supply chains, and how this can be done.

What we need to help them is opportunities to provide our services, including grant funding to help deliver new projects to innovate new technologies & solutions and to help scale-up existing ones to national and even regional levels.  We need new partners to collaborate with to jointly develop new project concepts, write funding proposals with and then implement together.  We need new funders to buy into the compelling work and strategy that we have.  We would like to develop additional partners in areas that compliment or build-on our existing expertise, to enhance our impact.  We need new partners that have networks and communications infrastructure that can help us deliver our message, technologies and solutions to a much wider, yet relevant audience, as part of the strategy to scale-up our impact.  We want partners to take the IP we have invested so heavily in to innovate technologies and solutions that work at financial, operational and socio-environmental levels, and take them to scale in a way that not only scales the impact of these technologies but also delivers jobs and incomes to more people in the process, and ideally focuses on underserved populations such as youth and women.  We also really need the financial sector to come on board, to help us work-out how we can structure arrangements so we can really scale the technologies innovated through the power that affordable finance holds.

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