Fullwell Transform is an organisation that has an economic, social & environmental mission, set up in 2017 by Fullwell Mill to increase the impact that it and Tropical Wholefoods achieved over the preceding 25 years in the development of a variety of agricultural supply chains in developing and emerging economies around the world, for economic, social and environmental benefit.

“Agriculture today accounts for 32% of GDP in Africa and is the sector that offers greatest potential for poverty reduction and job creation, particularly among vulnerable rural populations and urban dwellers with limited job opportunities. Growth generated by agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa is estimated to be 11 times more effective in reducing poverty than GDP growth in other sectors – a vital multiplier given that 65% of the continent’s labour force is engaged in agriculture. Yet the sector has suffered sustained neglect and, as a result, Africa has gone from being an exporter of agricultural products in the 1960s to a net importer of agricultural and food products today”.

World Economic Forum on Africa 2016

Fullwell Transform believes in the addition of as much value as possible where raw materials are produced, and further believes in this being done in a way that has as much social and environmental impact as possible.

What we do

Fullwell Transform’s West African-based engineering team works hard to innovate a range of what we term ‘appropriate’ technologies and solutions for agri-processing SMEs in the energy generation, drying, waste management and product output areas that have the potential to have impact at industry scales, and which have already demonstrated the potential to cross national boundaries and even into other continents. However, Fullwell Transform has made a conscious choice to make the Intellectual Property (IP) developed from the technologies and solutions it innovates, available on an open source basis.  It has chosen to do this predominantly because it believes that by seeking to keep the IP developed in-house, and becoming a supplier of the associated equipment, it will restrict its adoption and hence scale and impact. Having invested so much resource in the innovation of new technologies and solutions, Fullwell Transform continues to invest to build awareness, interest and capacity at demand and supply levels to help catalyse the replication and then scaling of the adoption of technologies and solutions that is entirely managed and led at the local level.  This involves working with entire SME sectors and the representing bodies, relevant local and national government departments and institutions, local technical institutions, NGOs, bi-laterals and multi-laterals, the financial sector and more.  The impact of this approach is not only more viable SMEs that have a positive environmental impact, but new job and income generation, as well as the building of capacity, at the local level.

Since a picture can paint a thousand words, and we all have such busy lives and so little spare time, we have produced an infographic of what is known as our Theory of Change to help you understand what we do, what this leads to and how this all relates to our larger vision!  Go to Our vision and approach page to see it.

Fullwell Transform carries out or arranges activities that directly relate to the Sustainable Development Goals below, though the impact from these activities contribute towards numerous other SDGs.

If you think we might be able to help you or another organisation you know, or conversely if you think you might be able to help us, or indeed both, then please get in touch via our Engage with us page.